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Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel

By Lucie Young
Edited by Mariso Bartolucci and Raul Cabra

Known for her lyrical and shapely ceramic work, Eva Zeisel is one of the truly great designers of the twentieth century. In her 75-year career, she has designed over 100,000 objects and led a remarkable life that has taken her from Hungary to early Soviet Russia, and finally to the United States. Her designs are a reflection of a strong independent character that is never professionally or personally constrained by convention, trends, or current ideology. The humanistic aspect of her design is universally felt in the way she combines organic interrelationships with abstract Modernist ideas. She was the first designer in America to produce an all-white Modernist dinner service and the first to teach ceramic as industrial design for mass production, rather than as a handicraft.

With an insightful text by Lucie Young and dozens of visual references to Zeisel's master works, this book is both a valuable introduction and reference guide to creativity.

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96 pages
Chronicle Books, 2003
6 x 0.8 x 6 inches
ISBN 9780811834339
Artist Monographs, Ceramics, Design, 

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