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Eric Bentley's Brecht-Eisler Song Book

Eric Bentley's Brecht-Eisler Song Book

Eric Bentley's Brecht-Eisler Song Book

From her rich collaboration with world-renowned Brecht translator Eric Bentley, soprano-actress Karyn Levitt releases her first album of Brecht-Eisler songs in English translation. Austro-German composer Hanns Eisler created a vast and varied repertory of works, and this album presents a sample of his genius and versatility. Eric Bentley adapted the song texts (which are poems and theater ballads by Brecht) from their original German into English, unlocking Eisler’s starkly beautiful songs for English-speaking audiences.

1. Ballad of the Soldier
2. The Sprinkling of Gardens
3. And What Did She Get?
4. Musical Interlude: Song of the United Front
5. To the Little Radio
6. The Plum Tree
7. The Love Market
8. Song of the Moldau
9. In the Flower Garden
10. The Mask of Wickedness
11. Easter Sunday, 1935
12. The Son
13. On Suicide
14. On the World's Kindness
15. Song of a German Mother
16. A Saying (for 1939)
17. Musical Interlude: Komintern
18. Truly I live in a time of darkness!
19. The Homecoming
20. Musical Interlude: Solidarity Song
21. You who will be borne up

Total Running Time: 50:35

Vocals: Karyn Levitt
Piano: Eric Ostling
Produced by Glen Roven

Roven Records
ISBN 635309998545

$19.50 $19.50