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Distilled: A Natural History of Spirits

Distilled: A Natural History of Spirits

By Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall

An imaginative natural history survey of the wide world of spirits, from whiskey and gin to grappa and moonshine.

In this follow-up book to A Natural History of Wine and A Natural History of Beer, authors Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall yet again use alcoholic beverages as a lens through which to gain a greater appreciation of natural history.
This volume considers highly alcoholic spirits in the context of evolution, ecology, history, primatology, molecular biology, physiology, neurobiology, chemistry, and even astrophysics. With the help of illustrator Patricia Wynne, DeSalle and Tattersall address historical and cultural aspects and ingredients, the distillation process, and spirits and their effects. They also call on an international group of colleagues to contribute chapters on brandy, vodka, tequila, whiskies, gin, rum, eaux-de-vie, schnapps, baiju, grappa, ouzo, and cachaça.
Covering beverages from across the globe and including descriptions of the experience of tasting each drink, this book offers an accessible and comprehensive exploration of the scientific dimensions of spirits.

328 pages; 71 black and white illustrations
Yale University Press, 2022
6.75 x 1 x 9.25 inches
ISBN 9780300255157
Culinaria, Spirits

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