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Zackenstreif Pouch

Zackenstreif Pouch

Zackenstreif Pouch

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Produced by Luisa Cevese Riedizioni
Wiener Werkstätte textile design, ca. 1905
Created with vintage remnants from the historic Austrian textile company Backhausen
Encased in a translucent and waterproof finish
Zip closure

Available in two sizes:
L. 8 x H. 5½ in. $78
L. 5½ x H. 3 in. $44

Sustainability is at the heart of Luise Cevese's work. Since 1996 Cevese has combined recycled textile scraps with innovative techniques to create eco-friendly materials. Cevese has been featured in many international design shows and gallery exhibitions, and was honored at the 2016-17 Cooper Hewitt show “Scraps: Fashion, Textiles and Creative Reuse.”

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L. 8 x H. 5½ in. - $78.00
L. 5½ x H. 3 in. - $44.00
$78.00 $78.00