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Conrad Felixmuller (Great Masters in Art)

Conrad Felixmuller (Great Masters in Art)

Conrad Felixmuller (Great Masters in Art)

By David Riedel

A new entry in the Great Masters of Art series focusing on one of the most important German Expressionists, Conrad Felixmüller.

Conrad Felixmüller (1897–1977) is regarded as one of the most important representatives of the second generation of German Expressionism. This volume illustrates the life and work of this unusual artist, whose creative career reflects more than half a century of art and contemporary history.

In January 1919, Felixmüller founded the avant-garde Dresdner Sezession Gruppe 1919, whose members also included Otto Dix and Peter August Böckstiegel, as well as other fellow artists. His works from the early 1920s reflect not only his interest in these people but also his political commitment. Under National Socialism, Felixmüller’s works were proscribed as degenerate. Following the war, he endeavored to continue his work in the GDR, but ten years before his death, Felixmüller moved to West Berlin, where he lived to see his work receive renewed attention and acclaim.

72 pages | 50 color plates
Hirmer, 2022
5.25 x 8 inches
ISBN 9783777438245

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