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Comic Grotesque: Wit and Mockery in German Art, 1870-1940

Comic Grotesque: Wit and Mockery in German Art, 1870-1940

Edited by Pamela Kort  

Filled with irreverent wit, comical elements, and absurdist humor, the comic-grotesque has fascinated artists since ancient times. However, it was not until the late nineteenth century that it reemerged as a novel modernist method. This catalog begins with Arnold Böcklin's comic-grotesque pictorial compositions, and brings together a dazzling array of artists-including Paul Klee, Max Klinger, Alfred Kubin, Emil Nolde, and Max Ernst-who, inspired by his example, forged a unique aesthetic with enormous consequences for modern German art. Essays consider the connection between the visual arts and the rise of cabaret culture and satirical journals. In addition, the authors examine the legacy of the comic-grotesque in relation to the denunciation of Böcklin's art and its eventual reemergence in the work of the Dadaists.

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208 pages
Neue Galerie New York
Prestel, 2004
11.5 x 9.6 x 1 inches
ISBN 9783791331959
Neue Galerie Exhibition Catalogue, Modernism, Dadaism, Essays 

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