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Color for Architects

Color for Architects


Color for Architects

By Juan Serra Lluch

"This profusely illustrated book provides a clear, concise primer on color for designers of every kind, and combines the theoretical and practical, providing the basics on which to build a fuller mastery of this essential component of design. A wealth of built examples, exercises, and activities allows students to apply their learning of color to real-world situations."—Contract Magazine

Color for Architects is a clear, concise primer for designers of every kind. This richly illustrated volume provides in-depth and engaging guidance on three major topics.

"Color Basics" covers fundamentals of color perception and theory, systems of color notation, and criteria for harmonious color combinations.

"Color for the Architectural Project" addresses issues architects face in everyday practice, examining history and aesthetics, visual ergonomics, psychology, color-trend forecasting and branding, and the use of color in architectural proposals. 

"Color in the Workflow" explains best practices for viewing and communicating color accurately, calibrating equipment, evaluating and managing color in construction, and creating and editing photographs of completed work.

Throughout, built examples, exercises, and activities allow students and practitioners to apply their study of color to real-world situations. Color for Architects is an indispensable handbook of these essential components of design.

192 pages
Princeton Architectural Press, 2019
7 x 9.5 inches
ISBN 9781616897949
Color Theory, Architecture

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