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Casanova’s Return to Venice

Casanova’s Return to Venice

By Arthur Schnitzler
Translated by Ilsa Barea

In Arthur Schnitzler's poignant novella, Casanova's Return to Venice, the famed gambler, adventurer and seducer Casanova has been reduced to melancholy, unhappily civilized by age.

"His yearning for Venice, the city of his birth, grew so intense that, like a wounded bird slowly circling downwards in its death flight, he began to move in ever-narrowing circles." One of Schnitzler's most poignant evocations of the passing of time and the ironies of sentiment and love, Casanova's Return to Venice tells the story of an aging Casanova's desperate desire to return to the city he truly loves after a life of exile; a desire which is contrasted with his still-libidinous and sensuous — yet weary — pursuit of women, money and prestige.

192 Pages
Pushkin Press, 2013
Originally published in 1918
4.8 x 0.6 x 6.5 inches
ISBN 9781908968869
Biographical Historical Fiction

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