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Biedermeier Sterling Silver Travel Candlesticks

Biedermeier Sterling Silver Travel Candlesticks

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Carl Scheiger
Designed 1806
Produced by First Edition
Hand-crafted in sterling silver
H. 3 x D. 1½ in.

Carl Scheiger, a respected Viennese silversmith, was far ahead of his time when he designed these candlesticks in 1806. They are so avant-garde that, as first glance, they may seem to have been made 120 years later than their original production. Their low height was a response to a new demand for useful and easy to pack travel accessories. Travel, as a pastime for the upper classes, was novel and much in vogue during the period and served as a catalyst in the search for new, functional design. These candlesticks are an outstanding example of the birth of functionalism.

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