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Biedermeier Sterling Silver Shaker

Biedermeier Sterling Silver Shaker

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Karl Sedelmayer
Designed 1810
Produced by First Edition

Hand-crafted in sterling silver
Limited and numbered edition
H. 4 in.
D. 1 ½ in.

Karl Sedelmayer (1766-1840) was born in Vienna and trained as a silversmith under various masters. He was awarded a license to open his own workshop at the remarkably young age of twenty-one. As were nearly all master silversmiths of his time, Sedelmayer was an artist, designer, and craftsman. His work was particularly sensitive and reflected the atmosphere of fundamental change and enlightenment of his time. The charm of this shaker stems from its precisely calculated geometrical form, all superfluous decorative elements have been omitted.

First Edition produces the classic designs of 19th-century Viennese silversmiths, using the original techniques pioneered by Biedermeier master craftsmen. The company has the privileged access and knowledge to ensure that all First Edition Objects remain faithful to the originals.

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