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Biedermeier Sterling Silver Dish

Biedermeier Sterling Silver Dish
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Biedermeier Sterling Silver Dish

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Michael Klama
Designed 1817
Produced by First Edition
Hand-crafted in sterling silver
Limited and numbered edition
D. 5 in.

Michael Klama was born in Vienna in 1783 and trained there as a silversmith. This spare geometric dish with its cunning ribbed base became a model for the Modern movement. The design—little changed—was presented as a modern ashtray over one hundred years later in 1924 by Marianne Brandt, one of the leading designers of the Bauhaus. Whether or not Brandt was aware of this exact dish and copied its design, or whether the similarity is merely coincidental, is unknown. More importantly, Klama created an object of captivating elegance that has retained its relevance as a quintessentially modern form for nearly two hundred years.

First Edition produces the classic designs of 19th-century Viennese silversmiths, using the original techniques pioneered by Biedermeier master craftsmen. The company has the privileged access and knowledge to ensure that all First Edition objects remain faithful to the originals.

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