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Best Short Stories [English/German]

Best Short Stories [English/German]

By Franz Kafka
Translated by Stanley Applebaum

Students of German language and literature will welcome this collection of 5 stories by one of the greatest modern writers. Included are "The Metamorphosis," "The Judgment," "In the Penal Colony," "A Country Doctor" and "A Report to an Academy." Original German texts accompanied by new, literal English translations on facing pages.
Dover Original.

Table of Contents for Best Short Stories: A Dual-Language Book:
"The Judgment "("Das Urteil"; better translation of title, "The Sentence"; written night of Sept. 22/23, 1912; first pub. in the annual magazine Arkadia, Leipzig, 1913; first book pub., Kurt Wolff Verlag, Leipzig, 1916)

"The Metamorphosis" ("Die Verwandlung"; alternate translation of title, "The Transformation"; written Nov. 17-Dec. 6, 1912; first pub. in the monthly Die weißen Blätter, Leipzig, Oct. 1915; first book pub.,Kurt Wolff Verlag, Leipzig, 1915)

"In the Penal Colony" ("In der Strafkolonie"; written mid-Oct. 1914; first pub. As book, Kurt Wolff Verlag, Leipzig, 1919)

"A Country Doctor" ("Ein Landarzt"; written in the winter of 1916/1917, completed by the end of Feb. 1917; first pub. In the almanac Die neue Dichtung, Leipzig, 1918; first book pub. In collected vol. Ein Landarzt, Kurt Wolff Verlag, Munich and Leipzig, 1919)

"A Report to an Academy" ("Ein Bericht für eine Akademie; composition finished by Apr. 22, 1917; first pub. In the monthly Der Jude, Berlin and Vienna, Nov. 1917; first book pub. In collected vol. Ein Landarzt, Kurt Volff Verlg, Munkch and Leipzig, 1919)"

208 pages
5.5 x 0.5 x 8.8 inches
Dover Publications, 1997
ISBN: 9780486295619

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