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By Jason Lutes

During the past two decades, Jason Lutes has quietly created one of the masterworks of the graphic novel golden age. Berlin is one of the high-water marks of the medium: rich in its well-researched historical detail, compassionate in its character studies, and as timely as ever in its depiction of a society slowly awakening to the stranglehold of fascism.

Berlin is an intricate look at the German metropolis during the Jazz Age, seen through the eyes of the residents: Marthe Müller, a young woman studying art in the big city; Kurt Severing, an idealistic journalist losing faith in the printed word as extremism spreads like poison; Gudrun Braun, a working-class mother whose family is torn apart by politics; and many others from all strata of society. Their lives intersect at the crossroads of kindness and cruelty, love and hate, sex and death.

The city of Berlin itself comes alive, with its smoke-filled salons, crumbling sidewalks, bustling train stations, and raucous nightclubs. During the Weimar Republic, Berlin was the progressive center of Europe, where creativity, political thought, and sexual liberty burned bright before being snuffed out under the bootheel of fascism. Devastatingly relevant and beautifully executed.

580 pages
Drawn and Quarterly, 2018
8 x 1.9 x 10.1 inches
ISBN 9781770463264
Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction

$49.95 $49.95