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Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Modern Library Classics)

Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Modern Library Classics)

Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Modern Library Classics)

Edited and translated by Walter Kaufmann

Walter Kaufman's classic edition of the Basic Writings of Nietzsche includes complete texts of five major works that profoundly influenced modern literature and thought.

  • The Birth of Tragedy is one of the most important studies of tragedy ever written.  It exploded the nineteenth-century conception of Greek culture and sounded themes developed by twentieth-century philosophers, psychoanalysts, and novelists.
  • Beyond Good and Evil provides a comprehensive idea of Nietzsche's thought and style, presented more clearly than in Thus Spake Zarathustra, which was written a year earlier.  "This is one of the great books of the nineteenth century," writes Kaufmann, "indeed of any century."
  • On the Genealogy of Morals is Nietzsche's major work on ethics.
  • The Case of Wagner was written after Nietzsche's break with "the only genius whom he ever knew intimately."  It was one of his last books, and his wittiest.
  • Ecce Homo is Nietzsche's beautifully written, passionate analysis of his life and work.

Included also are seventy-five aphorisms, selections from Nietzsche's correspondence about The Case of Wagner, and variants from drafts for Ecce Homo.  Professor Kaufmann made new translations for this volume and furnished footnote commentaries, introductions, and indexes.

845 pages
Random House Modern Library Series, 2011
5.7 x 1.6 x 8.3 inches
ISBN 9780679600008
Philosophy, Anthology 

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