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Anni Albers

Anni Albers

By Ann Coxon, Briony Fer, Maria Müller-Schareck

Anni Albers (1899–1994), a German textile designer, weaver, and printmaker,  was among the leading pioneers of 20th-century modernism. Although she has heavily influenced generations of artists and designers, her contribution to modernist art history has been comparatively overlooked, especially in relation to that of her husband, Josef. In this groundbreaking and beautifully illustrated volume, Albers’s most important works are examined to fully explore and redefine her contribution to 20th-century art and design and highlight her significance as an artist in her own right.

Featured works—from her early activity at the Bauhaus to her time at Black Mountain College—include wall hangings, designs for commercial use, drawings and studies, jewelry, and prints. Essays by international experts focus on key works and themes and relate aspects of Albers’s practice to her seminal texts: On Designing and On Weaving. Illuminating Albers’s skill as a weaver, her material awareness, and her deep understanding of art and design, this publication celebrates an artist of enormous importance and showcases the timeless nature of her creativity.

192 pages
Yale University Press, 2018
8.4 x 1 x 10.5 inches
ISBN 978-0300237252

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