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Adventures in Immediate Irreality

Adventures in Immediate Irreality

By Max Blecher
Translated by Michael Henry Heim

"Sleekly liquid work, the poetry of seething matter itself."—Dustin Illingworth, 3:AM

"A book deserving of new readers, by a writer whose remaining body of work I can only hope will finally appear in its entirety in this country."—The Nation

"When you read his books it’s hard to believe your eyes. The author of this masterpiece was a twenty-five-year-old already weakened by disease, but Blecher’s words don’t merely describe the objects—they dig their talons into the things and hoist them high."—Herta Müller

Adventures in Immediate Irreality, the masterwork of the Romanian writer Max Blecher, vividly paints the crises of “irreality” that plagued him in his youth: eerie unsettling mirages wherein he would glimpse future events. In gliding chapters that move with a peculiar dream logic of their own, this memoiristic novel sketches the tremulous, frightening, and exhilarating awakenings of a very young man.

128 pages
New Directions, 2015 
Originally Published in 1936
5.2 x 0.5 x 8 inches
ISBN 9780811217606
Autobiographical Fiction

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