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A Concise History of Austria

A Concise History of Austria

By Steven Beller

"...Steven Beller should be congratulated for fitting not only the nuts and bolts of the development and growth of the hereditary dominions of the Habsburgs from their obscure Swiss origins into the modern state of Austria, but also a good portion of both cultural and social history into just 300 pages....Her book provides a valuable benchmark for future research on changing employment policy regimes."—Jutta A. Helm, Western Illinois University, German Studies Review

For a small, prosperous country in the middle of Europe, modern Austria has a very large and complex history extending far beyond its current borders. Today's Austrians have a problematic relationship with that history, whether with the multi-national history of the Habsburg Monarchy, or with the time between 1938 and 1945 when Austrians were Germans in Hitler's Third Reich. Steven Beller's gripping and comprehensive account traces the remarkable career of Austria through its many transformations, from German borderland, to dynastic enterprise, imperial house, Central European great power, failed Alpine republic, German province, and then successful Alpine republic, building up a picture of the layers of Austrian identity and heritage and their diverse sources. It is a story full of anomalies and ironies, a case study of the other side of European history, without the easy answers of more clearly national narratives.

334 pages
Cambridge University Press, 2007
5.4 x 0.9 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 9780521478861
Austrian History

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