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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Berlin Street Scene

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Berlin Street Scene

By Pamela Kort 

A founding member of the early twentieth century German avant garde artists' group Die Brücke, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner moved to Berlin in 1912 and became enthralled by what he called "the symphony of the great city." He responded to the intensity of Berlin's street life by recording the urban spectacle around him--most notably in "Berlin Street Scene" (1913-14), which is widely considered one of the greatest German paintings of the twentieth century. This beautifully illustrated, scholarly volume--written and edited by the noted independent curator and art historian Pamela Kort--provides a full exploration of the history and significance of Kirchner's masterpiece. Featuring full reproductions and details of "Berlin Street Scene" and other related artworks, as well as plentiful documentary photographs and supporting materials, this volume illuminates the ominous force of nervous energy and sexual tension that Kirchner sensed lurking beneath the veneer of civilized life.

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92 pages
Neue Galerie New York, 2008
0.6 x 9.1 x 11.3 inches
ISBN 9781931794152
Neue Galerie Exhibition Catalogue, Painting, German History, Urban Studies 

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